Disneyland Tips

Based on a recent trip to see the mouse, I have the following tips:

Waiting at the front gate

1. The huge wait at security is due to bags being searched
2. Not having a bag will get you through security faster, but it won't make the line in front of you shorter, so bring a bag if you want
    * This is something Disneyland could easily fix by having a separate line for people without bags
3. The huge line at the ticket counter is due to them taking photos of new arrivals
    * This is something Disneyland could easily fix by having a separate line for new arrivals
4. The "Magic Morning" still requires an early arrival (30 min- 1 hour) to avoid the crowds as it seems that everyone is also having a Magic Morning
    * The "Magic Morning" will get you the equivalent of an "extra" ride on a popular attraction over the regular opening time
5. You will be discouraged from bringing food/water into the park, but they won't stop you

Discount tickets

1. If you live in Southern California, you can get a discount
2. If you are active military, you can get a discount
3. Discount tickets through my credit union beat out Costco and other sources

General Tips

1. The shorter weekday park hours in winter will let you ride more rides than the extended weekend hours
2. The fastest way to get on any ride is using the single rider line for rides that have that option
    * Splash Mountain has a slow Single Rider line while Cars has a fast line, so the wait can vary
3. The California Adventure Grizzley Peak ride has no wait in the mornings, so wear a fleece shirt and ride as much as you want
    * People bring ponchos, but they look silly and the most annoying water runs down the back of the seat and you end up sitting in it
    * You will get wet...

Fast Pass Rules and Tips

1. You should always get a Fast Pass for a popular ride before getting in line for your first ride
2. You should always have at least one Fast Pass at all times, but during busy days, you will have multiple passes that you've picked up during the day
3. The time when you can get another Fast Pass is not necessarily the same as the Fast Pass return time
    * The minimum wait time before getting another Fast Pass appears to be the return time or two hours, whichever occurs first
4. Fast Passes are not available until the regular opening time (not during the extra Magic Morning hour)
5. Fast Passes run out for popular attractions on busy days, so grabbing a pass at noon may get you a ride time at 11 PM or not at all
6. If a ride has broken down, the Fast Pass will still be good later on, but the Fast Pass return line may be longer than the regular line due to the backlog
7. If a ride breaks with you on it, they give you a "Fast Pass" on your admission ticket that is good for multiple attractions, except the most popular ones
8. Riding Single on rides that have a singles line will be faster than using a Fast Pass, although you can combine the two options