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$3,750 1994 HILO Funlite 9423FLL Northern California

I'm selling my 1994 HILO Funlite 9423FLL. I have just scraped and resealed the roof using Dicor products. There was a leak at the shower skylight that appears to have done no damage as it dripped into the shower. Sleeps four tall people and two less so for a total of 6. The bed opposite the kitchen area is too short for me at 6'1.


  • Original Floorplan has a lounge at the tow end. That was removed and a second collapsible table and two sofas were added using all factory HILO parts. You wouldn't know that it wasn't factory. The couches fold out to a double bed. See the 2nd Table Modification page for more details.
  • The battery box is custom fabricated from fiberglass and contains the hydraulic pump and two batteries. The box was custom fabricated to be lower on the tongue so that batteries can be accessed when the top is down.
  • The rear frame/bumper has been extended to accomodate bicycles.

The Good

  • I always kept the pulleys and hydraulic ram lubed. Top has no issues raising.
  • Gas Water Heater
  • Gas Heater w/Thermostat
  • Gas Range
  • Microwave oven (110v)
  • 3 way refrigerator (Gas, 100v, 12v)
  • 12v water pump/plumbing tight/no leaks
  • 30 Gallon fresh watter tank
  • 25 gallon gray and 25 gallon black tanks
  • New mattress for the upper double bed
  • Kitchen sink
  • Bathroom sink/toilet
  • Spare tires (2) - lost one once, bought one, then found it on the trip home!
  • Weight distributing adjustable hitch with bar-style sway control.

The Bad

  • Air Conditioning. I don't have a circuit at home large enough to test it or I would simply fix it, but at an RV Park, I noticed that the AC cycled off after 15 minutes. The coils were frosted, so I think that the fan is intermittent.
  • Side tracks have chronically loose screws.
  • Faded decals

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