Rotunda Service Tools - Taurus
Tool NumberPast Tool NumberTool Name
100-001T50T-100-ASlide Hammer
100-002TOOL-4201-CDial Indicator Gauge with Holding Fixture
204-029T77F-1176-ADrawbar (Heavy Duty Threaded)
204-039T77F-1217-BInstaller, Bearing Cup
204-069T81P-1104-CRemover/Installer, Front Wheel Hub
204-354204-354Gauge, Digital Tire Pressure
204-357204-357Remover/Installer, Rear Subframe Bushing
204-362204-362Remover/Installer, Front Subframe Bushing
204-363204-363Tool, Tire Pressure Activation
204-592204-592Separator, Lower Arm Ball Joint
204-616204-616Remover/Installer, Rear Drive Unit Bushing (70 mm)
204-618204-618Remover/Installer, Rear Drive Unit Bushing (60 mm)
205-126T78P-4851-AHolding Fixture, Drive Pinion Flange
205-133T79P-4676-AInstaller, Drive Pinion Oil Seal
205-153T80T-4000-WAdapter for 303-224 (Handle)
205-241T86P-3514-ARemover, Halfshaft
205-343T95P-3514-AInstaller, Constant Velocity Joint Boot Clamp
205-350T95T-3010-AInstaller, Front Axle Oil Seal
205-816205-816Protector, Differential Oil Seal (pair)
205-832205-832Remover, Halfshaft
205-882205-882Installer, PTU Linkshaft Seal Dust Shield
205-883205-883Installer, PTU Linkshaft Seal
205-907205-907Handle, 32" Driver
205-D002D79L-4621-ARemover, Drive Pinion Bearing Cone
205-D015D80L-630-4Step Plate
205-D019D80L-630-8Step Plate
205-D063D84L-1122-APuller, Bearing
205-D064D84L-1123-APuller, Bearing
205-D070D93P-1175-BRemover, Front Wheel Hub
205-D072D97L-4221-A2 Jaw Puller
206-026T87P-2588-AAdapter for 206-010
211-016T69L-10300-BRemover, Power Steering Pump Pulley
211-023T74P-3044-A1C-Frame and Screw
211-185T91P-3A733-AInstaller, Power Steering Pump Pulley
211-265211-265Evacuation Cap, Power Steering
211-327211-327Fill Tool, Power Steering Vacuum
211-D027D90P-3517-AInstaller Set, Teflon Seal
303-004TOOL-6505-EClearance Gauge, Valve Guide
303-006TOOL-6513-DDPressure Gauge, Valve/Clutch Spring
303-088T73L-6600-AOil Pressure Gauge
303-102T74P-6316-BInstaller, Crankshaft Vibration Damper
303-1245303-1245Engine Lift Eye
303-1246303-1246Engine Spreader Bar
303-1247303-1247VCT Spark Plug Tube Seal Remover & Installer
303-1248303-1248Camshaft holding tools
303-1249303-1249Valve Spring Compressor
303-1250303-1250Seal Installer, Rear Main
303-1251303-1251Installer, Front Seal
303-1252303-1252Stretchy Belt Remover/ Installer Tool
303-1295303-1295Oil Pan Fixture
303-1419303-1419Remover, 3.5L / 3.7L Stretchy Belt
303-300T87C-6565-ACompressor, Valve Spring
303-335T88T-6701-AInstaller, Front Cover Oil Seal
303-350T89P-6565-ACompressor, Valve Spring
303-409T92C-6700-CHRemover, Oil Seal
303-470T94P-6510-CHInstaller, Valve Stem Oil Seal
303-476T94P-9472-ASocket, Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor
303-519T95P-6701-EHRemover, Crankshaft Rear Oil Seal
303-D020D80L-100-RCollet, 7/8" to 1"
303-D027D81L-4201-AFeeler Gauge Set
303-D055D85L-6000-AStrap Wrench
303-D075D92P-4201-ADepth Micrometer
303-D089D93P-6001-A3Spreader Bar
303-D121303-D1213 Jaw Puller
303-F072303-F072Support Bar, Engine
307-005T59L-100-BSlide Hammer
307-309T94P-77001-BHRemover, Torque Converter Fluid Seal
307-399307-399Alignment Pins, Transmission Fluid Pump
307-523307-523Remover, Output Flange
307-541307-541Installer, Transfer Gear Bearing
307-569307-569Disconnect Tool TOC Line (1/2")
307-574307-574Forward Clutch Spring Compressor
307-575307-575Converter Seal Installer
307-576307-576Bearing Cup Installer
307-577307-577Transfer Gear Bearing race remover
307-578307-578Input Shaft Support Seal Installer (Back Plate, Multiple rings)
307-579307-579Support Solid seal installer (single seal)
307-580307-580Holding Fixture
307-581307-581Manual Levcr seal installer
307-582A307-582ACover Axle Seal Installer
307-583307-583Oil dam seal installer
307-584307-5842-6 Spring Compressor
307-585307-585Support seal installer
307-586307-586Differential bearing cup remover
307-587307-587Differential bearing installer and guide
307-588307-588Reverse clutch piston and retaining ring set
307-589307-589Overdrive clutch and balance piston service set
307-591307-591Shim Gauge, Differential/Transfer Gear Bearing
307-592307-592Manual lever Retaining Pin Installer
308-125T87P-7120-DRemover, Transfer Case Bearing Cup
308-221T94P-7025-BHInstaller, Shaft Bearing Cup
308-430308-430Installer, PTO Drive Gear Outer Oil Seal
308-431308-431Installer, Halfshaft Oil Seal
310-102310-102Fuel Draining Hose
310-123310-123Wrench, Fuel Tank Sender Unit
310-180310-180Adapter, Fuel Pressure Test
310-D009D95L-7211-AFuel Pressure Test Kit
310-S039T90T-9550-SDisconnect Tool, Spring Lock Coupling
412-001T71P-19703-BRemover, Compressor Pulley
412-134412-134Holding Tool, Compressor Clutch
416-D002416-D002Vacuum Pump Kit
418-F395418-F395Diagnostic Service Tool, Restraint System
501-039501-039Remover, Power Point Socket
501-D118501-D118Remover, Mirror

   Last update: Dec 7th, 2019