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Project Remote Control Repair

Before Diassembly
All of the buttons on the remote are believed to work except the power button. This was somewhat verified using phone camera observation of the infrared LED.

After Diassembly
The power button was tested by jumping the contacts with a metal tool and operation verified using a phone camera. The problem must therefore be with the metal disc.

Repair Attempt
The silvery material on the circuit board switch is actually metallic paint that has transfered from the disc to the circuit board contacts. The black lines on the silver disc are missing metallic material. This explains why the disc no longer works. Other discs do actuate the power button. Therefore, the solution is to add more metallic paint to the disc. I used a circuit pen to apply more metallic paint. I doubt this will work because the paint dries solid, and I suspect it will flake off when the button is pressed.

Click any photo to see a high resolution version of it open in a new window.

Front of the remote control removed using a pick and a credit card.

Inside of the remote control.

Underside of the front of the remote control with metalic discs.

Top left contact is for the Power button that is problematic. Metalic disc image has been flipped so that the power button disc is in the same relative position as the circuit board image.

   Last update: January 12th, 2020